How does it work

  • ADC Plastics sources post-production waste and high quality regrinds from a known and reliable supplier network. Therefore we can guarantee a valuable and steady waste stream with uniform quality.
  • Our long-term logistics partner picks up the waste streams and delivers them to our central warehouse.
  • To ensure the quality of our deliverables, we subject the sourced materials to extensive quality control checks once they arrive in our warehouse.
  • The waste streams are then reprocessed into compounds and regranulates by our strictly selected and experienced partners who excel in technical know-how, quality and product knowledge.
  • Before delivery, our finished products undergo a rigorous final quality check to make sure the quality is in compliance with the highest standards (MFI, DSC, impact, density).

Customized advice


Want to know how we can help your business? ADC Plastics has been active in the plastic industry business since 1998. Contact us and our experienced team will gladly provide you with customized advice as to which products you can use for your production.

How can ADC Plastics help your business?

  • We deliver custom made products, according to your technical specifications.
  • We analyze your products and manufacturing process to help determine where and how you can use regranulates.
  • We pick up plastic production waste at your premises, process it and deliver the finished regranulates back at your site.
  • We deliver masterbatches and impact modifiers to enable better performance of the finished goods.


Want to become a post-production plastic waste supplier?

Do you have production waste you would like to offer us? Contact us and we will make you a sound offer.